The trial of Greg Kelly in Japan, took a new turn on May 12th 2021 : for the first time, Greg Kelly took the stand (former Nissan Director, also arrested on 19 November 2018)

Since September 2020 and the beginning of his trial, Greg Kelly had not yet been allowed to speak and had not been called to the stand.

Moreover, his lawyers were able to point out that this case had been totally fabricated by Nissan and the Japanese government with the sole aim of avoiding a more advanced convergence between Nissan with Renault.

“I and other executives believed that after Mr. Ghosn reduced his salary, well below that of other global executives, that Mr. Ghosn was a retention risk,”

Greg Kelly – Bloomberg – May 12th, 2021

As a reminder, in the Japanese trial, testimony will continue until the summer of 2021 and the verdict is not expected before the end of 2021 – early 2022.

Finally, as reported by Le Figaro, in a major investigation, there are now numerous elements that demonstrate that Nissan has orchestrated, internally, a set-up to oust Carlos Ghosn.