Statement from Carole Ghosn After 124 Days of Separation and Denial of Visitation Rights with Her Husband :

New York – Carole Ghosn released the following statement after being separated from her husband, Carlos Ghosn, and prohibited from communicating with him in any capacity since his second release on bail over 100 days ago under Japan’s ‘hostage justice’ system. A judge has denied the family’s fifth appeal for Carole’s visitation rights, without providing any explanation:

“For the fifth time, the court ruled that I cannot see my husband or communicate with him in any way. It has now been 124 days since we last communicated, and our basic human rights continue to be violated. This cruel separation with no end in sight is further evidence of his persecution under Japan’s hostage justice system – it is a vicious retaliation designed to break him.

I look forward to the day he is vindicated and our family is reunited. Until then, this [decision] has only strengthened my commitment to strive for a fair trial and, ultimately, his freedom.”