On the occasion of the release of his book “Broken Alliances” in Japan, Carlos Ghosn gave a series of interviews to the Japanese press.

Two years after his arrest, this is the first time he could speak freely to the Japanese media.

The opportunity for Carlos Ghosn to remind that the Alliance has become a zombie without cooperation and that his fight continues to recover its rights and restore its reputation. He also gave the names of the Japanese who conspired against him to remove him from the management of the Alliance.

Yes, I feel bad about the fact that something that should have been dealt with in the boardroom in a very simple way, straightforward manner, cleared with the audit committee, whatever, be dealt with with the hostage justice system in Japan.

Carlos Ghosn – The Guardian – november 2021

Three years after his arrest, Carlos Ghosn recalled, in November 2021, on Fox Business that he was innocent, as much as Greg Kelly, still held in Japan by the hostage justice system, and that the charges against them were ridiculous.

In early December 2021, for the first time, Carlos Ghosn also had the opportunity to speak at length, in a duplex from Beirut, and to answer questions from the Foreign Corresponding Journalists.