With the interrogation by French judges in Lebanon, lawyers for Carlos Ghosn (Maitres ABOU-JAOUDE, LE BORGNE et TAMALET) declared:

“Carlos Ghosn will be questioned as of Monday, May 31st in Beirut, by French investigating judges, in the context of legal proceedings organized by the Lebanese judicial authorities.

This hearing is a voluntary step taken by M. Ghosn.

He will be assisted by his lawyers: M. ABOU JAOUDE, from the Beirut bar and M. LE BORGNE and M. TAMALET from the Paris bar.

The defense team has already identified serious procedural irregularities in the French dossiers. These abnormalities, which undermine the judicial process, are the result of the peculiar methods of the Japanese investigation, which is the primary source for building the French cases.

The lawyers point out that their client, who will now be heard as a witness, cannot in such capacity dispute the legality of the procedure.

They are therefore calling for their client to be afforded the status of “indicted”, as only this would allow him to challenge the legal flaws surrounding the case and trigger witness’ hearings “

M. Carlos Abou-Jaoude – Abou Jaoude & Associates
M. Jean Yves Le Borgne – Le Borgne & Saint Palais
M. Jean Tamalet – King & Spalding