Japan is being castigated in the international press for its hostage justice system, as it is hosting the G20 conference in Osaka at the end of June. As a rehabilitation operation, they opened the Kosuge prison’s doors, where Carlos Ghosn was held, to the international press, in an attempt to restore its image.

The G20 is a unique opportunity for human rights groups to expose the hostage justice system, while the whole world is focused on Japan.

The international press has been castigating this system for the past few months.

In an op-ed piece in the Washington Times, Carlos Ghosn’s children also denounced the practices of the Japanese archipelago.

Seizing the opportunity to see the leaders from France, Brazil, the United States and Japan gathered in the same place, Carole Ghosn addressed them in a statement

She still denounces the inhuman treatment Carlos Ghosn faces, the cruel conditions of detention and, above all, the unjustified ban on talking or seeing each other.

Questioned by the press after his speech, Emmanuel Macron stated tersely that he is “attached to the principle of the presumption of innocence but does not want to interfere in the case“, even though one of his fellow citizens is under house arrest after serving 130 days in solitary confinement, he cannot communicate with his wife and is subject to many unjustified restrictions.

On the other hand, since Osaka, the French Head of State has been further insisting on the Alliance by evacuating the controversies on governance and by wishing for “more cooperation and innovation” while the financial situation of both companies getting even worse.