Upon Carlos Ghosn’s release, and just after the first Geneva trade fair without him, the Alliance leaders made it clear that they moved on and agreed to focus on a constructive future.

The Tokyo Court certainly agrees, and proves it by denying Carlos Ghosn the right to sit on Nissan’s board of directors on March 11, 2019.

By mid-March, after much negotiation, the Alliance announced the creation of a new board committee led by Jean-Dominique Sénard, Renault’s Chairman.

In fact, this new operational committee does not seem to be easing tensions, as they keep arising because of the difficult financial situation some of the Alliance companies go through.

Relations between Renault and Nissan have been strained for several months now.

In order to start over, the Alliance is undertaking a real executive clean-up within its various companies, a witch hunt that will gradually and arbitrarily expel all of Carlos Ghosn’s close friends and relatives. At Renault, for instance, Mouna Sepehri will be stepping down. The same thing is currently happening within Nissan, with the departure of a number of executives.