As Renault and Nissan’s earnings continued to tumble month after month, Carole Ghosn continued to fight for her husband and indicated that Carlos Ghosn was “getting fit for the fight of his life”.

Carole repeatedly explained to the media that Carlos was clearly the victim of a nationalistic strategy on the part of the Japanese government to take back control of Nissan:

“They wanted to go back to Japan Inc. They were scared of this merger. And they were trying to dig up something on Carlos, get rid of him and stop the merger.”

Carole Ghosn

While she reassured people concerning Carlos Ghosn’s health, Carole denounced the “deafening silence” on the part of the French government. In an interview with RTL radio, she described the psychological pressure being exerted on Carlos Ghosn and the ban on his communicating in any form whatsoever:

A few days later, in an interview published in JDD newspaper, Carole Ghosn warned the French government and the French business community over the economic warfare being unleashed by Japan.

Almost one year after Carlos Ghosn’s arrest, his wife reminded people that (i) he still does not have access to his case file, (ii) the date of his trial has not been set, and (iii) she again denounced the violation of his basic human rights and the failure to grant him a fair trial.

This appeal echoed that of French lawyer, Francois Zimeray, at the beginning of October 2019 in which he pointed out that under the Japanese hostage justice system, 99.4% of those accused are duly convicted.