Carole Ghosn was unrelenting in her efforts to focus the attention of the media and politicians, and she gave an emotional interview recounting the events of the past year. In particular, she denounced her husband’s harsh prison regime and the humiliating conditions inflicted upon him by Japanese prosecutors.

On Bloomberg, she talked about the problems she had in getting to see or speak to her husband. She pointed out that, oddly enough, Carlos Ghosn was “arrested first and only later did they look for charges against him before doing everything possible to prove he was guilty.” She believes this was done to weaken her husband psychologically. Carole Ghosn’s account highlights the harsh discipline of Japanese prisons. During the entire year, Carole Ghosn only saw her husband for the month in which he was out on bail. She hadn’t spoken to him in six months.

And, although they rarely speak in public, Carlos Ghosn’s children spoke out on this sad anniversary to demand that “the Japanese authorities lift the restrictions preventing him from communicating with his wife […]. And if the trial ever actually takes place, we pray that it will be fair so that our father may have a chance to prove his innocence and get his freedom back.”

The same emotion was apparent in the United States where the opinion piece was also published.

Finally, Philippe Ries, former AFP Japan bureau chief who has written a book with Carlos Ghosn, also provided recent news of Mr Ghosn who he met in Tokyo a few weeks before. 

On LCI TV, the journalist explained that he is writing a new book with Carlos Ghosn that will highlight his innocence and explain the truth of everything that happened concerning the Alliance, and the events that triggered his arrest.