Carlos Ghosn left the Kosuge detention center on March 6, 2019 at around 4.30pm, after 108 days in detention.

Images of Carlos Ghosn’s release from the detention center went viral around the world.

Dressed as a workman to deceive the media, Carlos Ghosn insisted on reiterating his innocence:

“I am innocent and determined to vigorously defend myself in a fair trial against these unfounded accusations.”

Carlos Ghosn – 06 March 2019

He was advised to wear this outfit by his lawyer Takashi Takano, who admitted a few days later that this tactic was a mistake. It was above all a means of preventing the convoy from being followed. He wanted the media to give the former chairman some privacy, especially regarding where he was going to live.

Carlos Ghosn managed to get out of prison without giving in to the system of confessions, despite all the Japanese prosecutor’s efforts.

The new battle awaiting him is to prepare his defense and restore his image. According to his lawyers, he will also have to recover physically as he feels tired after the ordeal he’s been through.