On the occasion of the release of the book “Le Temps de la Vérité”, co-written with Philippe Riès, and to be published by Grasset on November 04th, 2020, Carlos Ghosn gave a series of TV interviews.

The opportunity for the magnate of the automotive industry to look back over his career, from the construction of the Alliance to the orchestrated arrest on November 19th, 2018 in Japan.

Portrait of the week – 7 à 8 – TF1 – 1st November 2020

On the program “7 à 8”, Carlos Ghosn will answer questions from Audrey Crespo-Mara. Listen and watch Carlos Ghosn’s journey.

“Le Rendez-vous” – BFMTV – 07 November 2020

Facing the journalist Ruth Elkrief, Carlos Ghosn details all the topics covered in the book.

“13h15 le dimanche” – France 2 – 08 November 2020

Laurent Delahousse‘s team has met with Carlos and Carole Ghosn in Beirut for this episode of “13h15 le dimanche“.

Closing Bell – CNBC – 10 November 2020

Carlos Ghosn answered Sara Eisein‘s questions for CNBC’s Closing Bell. It was the first time since January 2020 that Carlos Ghosn gave an interview on American television. Among other things, he talked about the future of the automotive industry.

OTV Lebanon – 12 November 2020

Then, it is on OTV Lebanon that Carlos Ghosn gives explanations and details about his arrest and detention.

Sky News Australia – 22 November 2020

Carlos Ghosn will be interviewed by Ticky Fullerton for Business WeekEnd on Sky News Australia.

The Indonesia Channel – 1st December 2020

The Indonesia Channel, in Dalton Tanonaka show, then interviewed Carlos Ghosn about his career, the Alliance’s achievements and the Japanese hostage justice system.