While Carlos Ghosn’s lawyers offer increasing guarantees from their client to secure bail, 50 French lawyers sign an op-ed condemning the judicial treatment inflicted on Carlos Ghosn. The lawyers consider that it amounts to grave failings under international civil law.

Another voice joining the chorus against “hostage justice” already highlighted by Carole Ghosn, is Human Rights Watch and many comment pieces in the international press.

Carole Ghosn also recounts in Paris Match the series of steps she has taken over recent weeks to raise awareness about the Japanese judicial system.

While international awareness grows, the judge digs his heels in. For the third time, on 22 January 2019, he turns down Carlos Ghosn’s bail request.

All the guarantees that Carlos Ghosn offered are not enough. The company head had proposed to live in an apartment that he would have paid for, and also to cover the costs of an electronic tag or security guards. He had offered to increase the bail amount as well.

To no avail: Carlos Ghosn remains stuck and impeded in prison.