Because his prison stay seems endless, Carlos Ghosn sends a letter to the Renault board on 23 January 2019. Prevented from fulfilling his role, Carlos Ghosn wishes to exercise his right to retirement.

In Davos, Bruno Le Maire incorrectly refers to Carlos Ghosn’s resignation in a Bloomberg interview.

This is entirely false, as still the Chairman and CEO, he is only claiming his rights to his retirement. However, this is the way in which Renault pays tribute to its former Chair and CEO in a news release from the board.

Carlos Ghosn has always said that “he did not want to be an obstacle whether for Renault or for the Alliance”. It is therefore a sad but logical development that is forced on him after 23 years at Renault.

The following day, on 24 January 2019, the Renault Board choses Jean-Dominique Sénard as non-executive Chairman of the Group and Thierry Bolloré as CEO.