According to the Financial Times, in an article published on 09 May 2019, information collected from a laptop that would allow investigators to prove Carlos Ghosn guilty of the multimillion-dollar Nissan embezzlement.  

Seized illegally in Beirut a few weeks before the re-arrest of Carlos Ghosn on April 4, the computer belongs to Fadi Gebran, a former Alliance lawyer and then Carlos Ghosn’s personal lawyer, who passed away in 2017.

The prosecutors believe that Carlos Ghosn, together with his late lawyer, organized the embezzlement of some of the 35 million-dollar payment made by Nissan to its distributor in Oman.

Carlos Ghosn refutes these allegations, claiming that all payments made under his administration up to the end of 2016 were justified by the commercial performance of the Omani partner. Furthermore, he did not in any way benefit from the payments made by Nissan. However, the prosecutors’ indictment concerns a period during which Carlos Ghosn was no longer Nissan’s chief executive officer as from the end of 2016, Hiroto Saikawa held this position.

The same line of attack by prosecutors was released a few days later, on 14 May 2019, but with a dealer in KSA. Indeed, the prosecutors amended the indictment for aggravated breach of trust and added to it, the mention of 20 million dollars Carlos Ghosn allegedly received from Saudi businessman Khaled Al Juffali.

Two weeks after the release of Carlos Ghosn and still having no evidence to provide, the prosecutors are multiplying the procedural “blows” without any effect.